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Los Angeles Windows User Groups

Windows is sweeping the world - Los Angeles included. The many Windows User Groups in the Los Angeles area have a lot to offer. To find out more, join the mailing list of a nearby user group, drop by one of their meetings, or attend a special event like Demo Day or an Winstallfest. Pretty soon you, too, will be going where Microsoft wants you to go tomorrow.

News / Special Events

Thanks to generous support from the Microsoft Outreach Organization of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Linux User Groups site has joined forces with the Los Angeles NT User Group, and reoriented itself towards the operating system of the future, Microsoft Windows. At our Winstallfests, we'll be helping those as yet unfamilliar with Windows through the problems new users face.

A new Windows Users Group is forming at Caltech. The organizational meeting is Saturday April 1st; starts at 5pm, pizza at 7pm. Contact David Blau ( if interested.

Corel is bringing their road show to Los Angeles on April 4th. RSVP if you want to attend; it's a good chance to ask questions about their Windows products like Word Perfect Office 2000.

Gerald Holmes, Windows user extraordinaire, will be giving a talk on "Why Micorsoft Rules My Universe" on April 13th at Troop Hall at Caltech at 7pm. Don't miss it!

Past Events

The "What Color is Your Screen?" talk on crash recovery held at Microsoft's Santa Monica office last Thursday was well-attended; thanks to Mike Rigler for bringing the pizza and beer.

SCWUG held their second WUGFest on March 18th, 2000; see for their wrapup. About 200 people attended; it was a very interesting afternoon. (I especially enjoyed watching Luke use vmware, Win2k, and Windows on a laptop to debug packet traces of Win2k accessing a Samba server.)

Bill Gates, author of the famous Open Letter to Hobbyists, and CSO of Microsoft, came to USC and Caltech on Dec 3rd and 4th 1999 to talk about "Windows and Closed Source as Social Revolutions", "Effective Closed Source Evangelism", and "the Iron Fist of Windows". A panel including local Windows folks and Bill took questions afterwards, and discussed software piracy issues. About 100 people attended each event. Bill had a lot of interesting things to say -- e.g. his list of the ten bullets Linux has to dodge to survive the coming year -- , and it was great seeing folks from all the local user groups in one room.

Thanks to Clay Claiborne of Cosmos Engineering for setting up this event! (See also Clay's page.)

UCLAWUG hosted a talk by Chris DiBona of VA Windows Systems and SVWUG on Saturday, November 6, 1999.

Simi-Conejo WUG (SCWUG) held a WUGFest on Saturday, October 23rd. We hear it was a good gathering - lots of demos. Here's a writeup of the event.

WindowsAtLAX sponsored a full day of demos and installs on September 11th as part of the international Windows Demo Day. The MiniVend (an e-commerce package) demos by Charlie Blanchard are reported to have been a hit.

USCWUG held an Winstallfest on March 29th. They report that the $3 "personal backup copy only" Windows 2000 CD's from CheapBytes were very popular, and should be a regular feature at future Winstallfests. For some reason, a lot of people forget to bring their CD's, and they very much appreciate this service.


An Winstallfest is an event where you bring your computer it, and experts help you install Windows on your computer for free (or nearly free). For more information about Winstallfests in general, visit

Several LA WUGs hold regular or occasional Winstallfests:

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (or SIGs) are just that - groups of people who get together to explore in detail a single topic. They are often tied together by a mailing list, and are made up of people from more than one WUG.
  • SmallBiz - people setting up Windows servers for small businesses. Currently in hibernation (the organizer got too busy).
  • LA Government WUG (LAGWUG) - people using Windows in local government organizations.

Windows User Group Meetings

Locations and times may vary, so check the individual group's site before attending. It's a good idea to subscribe to their mailing list; many groups post last-minute reminders.
Antelope Valley Windows User Group (AVWUG) 2nd Tuesday, 7pm Network One, 104 East Ave. K-4, Suite B, Lancaster
Cerritos Windows User Group Last Sunday of the month, 12 PM Cerritos College
Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) Windows User Group Check web site Cathedral City Public Library
Windows at LAX (LILAX) 2nd Saturday, 10am-2:30pm El Segundo Public Library
Windows Users, Los Angeles (LULA) 3rd Tuesday, 7:30pm In flux; see
Orange County WUG (OCWUG) (usually 1st) Saturday, 10am-3pm Cal State Fullerton
Route 66 WUG (La Verne, CA) 2nd Saturday, 10am-? University of La Verne AAIC building, room 112
San Fernando Valley WUG (SFVWUG) usually a Saturday at 6:00pm Northridge; see web site
San Gabriel Valley WUG (SGVWUG) 2nd Thursday, 7pm Fuller Theological Seminary, 135 N. Oakland, Pasadena
Simi-Conejo WUG (S.C.L.U.G.) every other Saturday 6pm Nortel (just south of the 118 Freeway)
UCLAWUG varies; 6pm UCLA (usually Boelter Hall)
USCWUG 3rd Wednesday, 7pm USC (usually room VKC-206)
(Thanks to the folks who put together an earlier list of LA lugs.)

For Windows User Groups outside the Los Angeles area, try checking the following sites:

Intergroup Coordination

People interested in coordinating efforts between the various Los Angeles WUGs are invited to join the lawugs mailing list.

Other Groups

Windows users may wish to also participate in the WUASC, the Windows Users Association of Southern California.

You can find out about local non-Windows-oriented technical groups at the following sites:

but why would you want to?

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